Welcome to Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Healthcare.

Note: Our clinic is currently opened with only 50% capacity due to Covid-19. Please read the "Covid-19 Policy" and click on the "Appointment Booking and Office Visit" for available slots.

What we offer is a full-service clinic for alternative medicine including:

      • Acupuncture

      • Chinese herbal medicine

      • Eastern nutrition

      • Other healing modalities

      • Heat therapy

      • Gua sha

      • Moxibustion

      • Cupping

We use effective interpersonal communication and thorough analysis to determine the root of our patient’s problems in addition to addressing symptoms, thus generating long-term positive benefits.

We put the total wellness of patients first! We have a strong commitment to provide the best quality of services with great caring and compassion for our patients. Our clinic strives not only to get you better with excellent alternative healthcare but also to educate you on the benefits of Chinese medicine. We will share with you our thoughts and propose a treatment plan based on an honest assessment of your health conditions. We want to work together with you to address your concerns.

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