“Prior to starting acupuncture and herbal treatments with Lei-Lei Wang, I had been treated by other physicians with no avail and relief from my disorders. I went to Lei-Lei as a person with multiple health problems including numbness and shooting pain in the thigh, legs, knee, and toes, difficulty standing up and walking, blurred vision, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and lower back pain. After one or two sessions with Lei-Lei, my overall  physical state improved and the pain level began to drastically decrease. I stayed with her for consistent treatment because I knew that I had found a capable and caring practitioner. I was so happy that my TMJ, vision, and knee durability were all improving steadily. I can now walk without a cane and I am able to read and see much better.  I'm forever appreciative of Lei-Lei's care and treatment. If I wasn't currently living in New York City, I would follow her and be a regular patient of hers in NJ.”

Herminio Castro, NY   
“I started seeing Lei-Lei while I was simultaneously experimenting with extreme dietary cleanses and going off of 7 years birth-control medication. With the bedside manner of an old family friend, she attentively engaged in offering personal support for my physical goals by giving helpful dietary advice, and listened carefully to my needs as she administered treatments that helped me balance out my digestive and reproductive systems physically and emotionally. By the end of our 2 months of treatment, my digestion and stomach problems had balanced out, but even more significantly, she had restored the normal flow in my reproductive cycle after it had been completely shut down for 6 months following the end of my medication. I walked away feeling miraculously healed, rather than dependent on regular treatments. She is a very skilled healer and I am forever grateful for what Lei-Lei has done for my body and spirit; showing me that physical change is possible in a short period of time when placed in the hands of a caring and intuitively sensitive acupuncturist such as herself. I have never seen the match of skill in an acupuncturist before and would highly recommend her to anyone. “

Eliza Starbuck, NY



I was seen by Lei-Lei Wang for my left shoulder pain, which had bothered me for months. The pain prevented me from raising my left arm and impaired my normal daily activities. I tried all kinds of treatments, remedies and exercises but they didn’t help much. In two treatments, Lei-Lei managed to eliminate the pain completely and get me back to normal daily life. I would recommend her as an excellent practitioner, not based on my knowledge of Chinese Medicine, but simply on my own personal results.”

Barbara Wang, NJ

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